February 23, 2011

Merkur Barber Pole & Dorco blade -- and great new cologne

Razor: Merkur #38 "Barber Pole"
Lather: Proraso cream
Blade: Used Dorco
Passes: 2
Alum block: Y
Aftershave balm: Proraso Pre-/Aftershave
Aftershave: Proraso liquid
Cologne: Bigelow Barber - Black Elixir
Rating: 8

Have to mention that I really like the smell of this new cologne! A bottle costs $20 at Bath & Body Works, which is about half of what Gucci and the other big-name brands cost. Bigelow Barber - Black: Damn fine stuff. The mother of my children loved it right off the bat, so it's a keeper.

- From my iPhone. Swear.

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